Dry Creek Brush Catchers #2


Too wet for us to get off the road or cross the creek, but Kaweah Delta was back on Dry Creek cleaning the lower brush catchers this morning before the next storm starts about 4 p.m., forecast to bring 1.5 – 2” of rain through Thursday. Dry Creek: 236 cfs. Operator: Erik Avila.



5 responses to “Dry Creek Brush Catchers #2

  1. Looks like pretty tedious work. But I suppose it has to be done.


  2. so glad they’re on to it


  3. Good luck. I only have to worry about a 11/2 foot wide “crik” which is undercutting the cement blocks the propane tank sits on. More rocks to deflect the water,


  4. Is that white thing in the background a drone?


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