Limited Edition of 100 copies. (Click to enlarge Table of Contents)

$10 plus $1.50 shipping.

cash or check to:
John Dofflemyer
P.O. Box 44320
Lemon Cove, CA 93244


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3 responses to “‘WIND UNDER MY SKIN’

  1. My favorite poem so far is “You Should Know,” but I’ve been sampling, tasting, enjoying. Lots of good stuff here to ruminate over. Looking forward to sharing a stage with you, John, during the Gathering before long.


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  3. British theater comedy. Who is Grace Marion Davies? The correct answer is:
    Auntie Doll. An arroyo accessory, as equates to the segment of the Carson River at Dayton NV where the train station burned recently. Eek! A quagmire.. Of mystery and accrid comments, where the signs posted at edge of river say “Beware of the rattlesnakes”. Where no family or friends are able to visit for thirty years and beyond. Where wild horses roam on the highway in the dust and smoke from California wildfires. Gregariously and Posthumously,
    Amity in Long Beach, CA per United States Merit System Protection Board.


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