Monthly Archives: March 2018




Blue moon over green
above grandchildren grazing
to tree frog refrains.





Sometimes we can’t see
skeletons of drought-dead trees
through canyons of rain.





I have had the luxury
of not remembering
every story about me,
the mundane details,
embellished and edited,
recounted rhythmically
as if told often to others.

I can dress the rain
goddesses in gossamer gowns,
pen them dancing bare-limbed
with the sycamores
across the creek beckoning
wildly—let myself be drawn
into the image of a poem.

So much is make-believe
looking back into the mirror,
so much forgotten purposely.
I am not ready to retire
to whittling the past
into wooden statuettes
with so much more to do.





It could be Climate Change
or a changing of the guard,
an East Coast winter without end—

a sky full of harbingers,
floating clips of recycled news
fishing for the self-righteous

with seasoned bits of drama.
In one hand we hold Chekhov’s
mirror on our modern world.

Or are the clouds obfuscation,
each changing shape
of our imagination: our addiction?





Evening shadows climb after rain
around the equinox of dark and light
on Sulphur’s face. My plural we,

all our eyes look up for an expression,
for a hint of the future on the horizon,
beneath the last of gray cumulus

when the green grass seems golden—
almost heavenly when the granite
stacked could be pillars of marble.

How could it seem any other way
after months of no rain? How much
closer to the gate can we imagine?





Not far off, the blackbirds squire
the females, tail-feathers fanned,
wings outstretched a stride behind.

Not far off, the green begins to flower,
wild buds waiting to burst into color,
tender leaves of oaks unfurl on twigs.

The crow pair check the squirrel towns
for blind babies and high on the ridges
the black dots of cows and calves

grazing undisturbed close to heaven.
No one needs us for this moment
in our dreams—we are released.





Not much to do for the past three days but watch it rain, over four inches in the past ten days.


Miracle March



It’s a warm, 67 degrees with another half-inch in the gauge since this morning, bringing our total rainfall to over six inches for the month of March. Prior to February 26th, rainfall was 25% of normal. More due tonight.





The talons of a Golden Eagle
squeeze a squirrel beneath
the blades of pasture green

not far from the screen door
I close quietly behind me. A second
lands beside the first to begin

the meal. Several shades of bronze
shimmer in mid-day flight
as the first leaves the second

to eat alone—long flap of wings,
sure and purposeful. Sweet partnerships
grow wild, yet sometimes seem more

civilized than what we see among men.
Perhaps the Bird and Animal people
placed devotion, the selfless heart

into the tribe they created—or perhaps
we learned what we now claim
exceptional from birds and animals.





Touch of Irish green,
rainbow rising from the creek,
canyon rich with luck.