March Bloom 2012

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Hot and cold, little rain. In my circle to check cattle and feed conditions on March 10th, I caught a few early wildflowers.

Chemise - Greasy Creek

Purple Chinese Houses, Lacepod, Miner's Lettuce - Greasy Creek

Fiddleneck - Greasy Creek

Putting out salt and mineral, Paregien Ranch, March 14th.

Wild Cucumber - Top Paregien

Chia - Ridenhour Canyon

Salt & mineral, March 15, 2012

Tree Lupine - Greasy Creek

Scorpionweed - Greasy Creek

Sierra Shooting Star - Greasy Creek

Common Brodiaea - Greasy Creek

Silvercrown Lucina - Greasy Creek

Goldfields - Greasy Creek

Salt & mineral, March 16, 2012

Manzanita - Greasy Creek

Interior Live Oak - Greasy Creek

Hill Sun Cup - Dry Creek

Alkali Weed - Dry Creek

Popcorn Flower - Dry Creek

March 27th, between rains, too wet to get very far off the road

Tidy Tips - Dry Creek.

Bird's Eye Gilia (Bird's Eyes) - Dry Creek

Yellow Pincushion - Dry Creek

Deltoid Balsamroot (Chuchupate) - Dry Ceek

March 29th, check cattle, salt & mineral.

Miner's Lettuce - Greasy Creek

Agoseris - Greasy Creek

Paiute Morning Glory - Greasy Creek

Pretty Face - Dry Creek

Miniature Lupine - Dry Creek

White-veined Mallow - Greasy Creek

White Mustard - Dry Creek

California Poppy - Dry Creek

Strawberry Clover - Greasy Creek

Bush Monkeyflower - Greasy Creek

Fiesta Flower - Greasy Creek

Valley Elderberry - Greasy Creek

Deltoid Balsamroot - Greasy Creek

March 30, 2012: Check feed & cattle, drag roads

Blue Lupin - Ridenhour Canyon

Pipe Stem Clematis - Paregien

Monkeyflower - Paregien

Headed Gilia - Ridenhour Canyon

Western Redbud - Dry Creek

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  1. Gorgeous photos!


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