I usually avoid reading poetry because I have read so much, and I often am disappointed. But the minute I started reading [this] I sat right up and came totally awake both for subject and for language and style. That’s good stuff. I like the esoteric vocabulary too – “beaver lid” and the sweet confluence of cows with motherhood – a diverse set of poems really, political, personal, historical, in the moment. Reminding me again it’s not that there need be a “cowboy” poetry but, as we move toward it, a poetry of work and daily life and the land. Which includes history and family. – Gary Snyder

John Dofflemyer’s poetry rings with the truth of western experience. His language is precise and powerful, his images are stark and candid. As a result, this verse transcends region and touches the human heart. – Gerald Haslam

published by Starhaven

ISBN: 0-936315-26-1
77 pages

$15 plus $2 Shipping

cash or check to:
John Dofflemyer
P.O. Box 44320
Lemon Cove, CA 93244


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5 responses to “POEMS FROM DRY CREEK

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  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Just received my copy of WIND UNDER MY SKIN and am enjoying it immensely . . . Years ago I fished the lower eastside of the Sierras for big German Browns and loved the country! Love your poetry and look forward to listening to the wind in your voice . . . Blessings . . .
    Peter Notehelfer
    Camano Island, WA

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  3. Does anyone know what happened to Bill Jones, the cowboy poet?


    • I saw Bill @ Elko last month. He’s alive, looks good and seems to be doing quite well. Don’t have any contact info, but check with the Western Folklife Center, they should be able to help.


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