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Babies Everywhere!


The girls, Allie and Terri, were met by our second-calf heifers yesterday when they went up to Greasy in the Kubota with a little hay. Terri brought back this short video from her iPhone. It’s that time of year, babies everywhere!




Dry Creek Brush Catchers #2


Too wet for us to get off the road or cross the creek, but Kaweah Delta was back on Dry Creek cleaning the lower brush catchers this morning before the next storm starts about 4 p.m., forecast to bring 1.5 – 2” of rain through Thursday. Dry Creek: 236 cfs. Operator: Erik Avila.



Dry Creek Brush Catchers


Dry Creek peaked at 7:00 a.m. this morning @ 2,526 cfs at the gauging station immediately above the lower brush catchers, minus a couple of teeth, despite the cleaning of debris by the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District yesterday between storms.



“Prayin’ for Rain”


Thank you, David Wilke.


Ravage Her, Ravage Her, Leave Her in Heaps: Update

courtesy: Kickstarter

courtesy: Kickstarter

A film clip from a documentary in the making:

“Things of Intrinsic Worth”

about Clint and Wally McRae’s efforts to save their ranch, community and culture.


April 29, 2013

May 31, 2013

Few Words Spoken



We’re just beginning to learn to take and incorporate videos for the blog. We kept this one simple, without close-ups and from a distance. Robbin had a little time to catch us sorting cows from calves before Jody Fuller’s branding began.