No other love song, only
the comforting sound of fury
rumbling, rolling, churning

upstream like an old lover
returning to hold and stay
awhile with sycamores,

waist-deep, remembering
the boy with single-shot .410
reaching from the far bank

for dove in the top limbs
before the floods of ’67 & ’69
enveloped them, before

our high-water kisses in ’97
shared tears with rain—pure
ecstasy after so long dry.


3 responses to “AFTER SO LONG DRY

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Yes, Rain is shedding tears of joy to be with Mountain again!!
    Love your poetry. But wish it would quit for long enough to go feed the horses without getting drowned.

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  2. Quite a lot of rain after several dry winters. Everywhere the feel is visible and palpable. Spring will be something up in Yosemite. Late spring opening, though.

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  3. The Scheme of Things

    Flooding reminds us why there are creeks, streams and rivers.
    Just an obstacle to cross during the summer
    mother earth’s pipeline when it rains

    fear and apprehension during drought
    compensating with dry feed
    to cut and cull or ride it out

    rain bringing floods and fear flows once more
    will a calf be swept away out of reach because of slimy roads
    leather boots swapped for rubber, should I take the horse out.

    fence post washed out
    will a dead falling tree have a target
    new ruts to be fixed in the spring

    the hay under shelter and the roof doesn’t leak
    perhaps some new acorns will crack
    and bring new life out back

    anxiety comes and goes but one memory remains
    that first dove that fell
    while it was on the wing.

    A smile engulfs me, bourbon in hand
    the warmth of the fire
    the love of the land

    The kids are all healthy
    and I can still get around
    good neighbors always willing to help

    Life is sometimes hard, not always in clover
    but in the grand scheme of things
    I’d do it all over.


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