Sierra Nevada foothill elevations: 500 – 3,000 feet

                                                                                I say their names before squeezing the trigger,
                                                                           focus and shoot – looking for someone I don’t know…


Monkeyflower, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Bush Monkeyflower, Greasy Creek, 5.2.11

Manyflowered Monkeyflower, Greasy Creek, 5.16.2011

Purple Penstemon, Dry Creek, 5.5.2011

Satin Bells (Fairy Lantern), Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Satin Bells with seed pod, Greasy Creek, 5.2.11

Blue Lupine, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

White Lupine, Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Miniature Lupine, Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Brewer's Lupine, Dry Creek Road, 4.14.11

Purple Chinese Houses, Greasy Creek, 4.17.11

Phacelia (Scorpionweed) Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Lacepod, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Shepherd's Purse, Dry Creek, April 15, 2012

Fiesta Flower (Climbing Nemophila), Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Yellow Pincushion, Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Dandelion, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Sierra Tidy Tips, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Agoseris, Dry Creek, 3.29.2009

Deltoid Balsamroot (Mule Ears), Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Mayweed, Dry Creek, May 19, 2011

Pygmy Poppy, Dry Creek, March 16, 2012

Bird's Eye Gilia & Goldfields, Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Fiddleneck, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Popcorn Flower (Snowdrops), Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Prickly Popcorn Flower, Dry Creek, April15, 2012

Bird's Eye Gilia, Dry Creek, 4.11.11

Alkali Weed, Greasy Creek, March 29, 2012

Common Brodiaea (Blue Dicks), Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Elegant Brodiaea, Dry Creek, 5.8.2011

Kaweah Brodiaea, Dry Creek, 5.8.2011

Twining Brodiaea, Greasy Creek, 5.2.11

Pretty Face (Golden Brodiaea), Dry Creek, 4.6.11

Ithuriel's Spears (Grass Nut), Dry Creek, 4.17.11

White Brodiaea, (Wild Onion), Paregien, 4.10.2009

Sierra Shooting Star, Paregien, 3.20.2009

Baby Blue Eyes, Dry Creek, 3.24.2009

White-Veined Mallow, Dry Creek, 3.24.2009

Charming Centaury (Zeltnera venusta), Dry Creek, 5.27.2010

Long-stemmed Centaury (Zeltnera exalta), Dry Creek, 5.28.2011

Headed Gilia, Greasy Creek, 4.17.11

Blow Wives, Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Pink Spineflower, Greasy Creek, 5.27.2010

Chia, Greasy Creek, 4.17.11

California Poppy, Dry Creek, 3.26.2010

Foothill Poppy (Frying Pan Poppy)

White Mariposa, Dry Creek, 4.21.11

White Mariposa, Dry Creek, 4.21.11

Yellow Mariposa, Dry Creek, 5.5.11

Farewell to Spring, (Winecups, Evening Primrose), Greasy Creek, 5.2.11

White Winecups, Dry Creek, 5.8.2010

White Winecups, Dry Creek, 5.8.2010

White Mustard, Dry Creek, 4.21.11

Summer Mustard, Dry Creek, 4.21.11

Showy Milkweed, Paregien Ranch, 6.12.11

Purple Milkweed, Greasy Creek, 5.2.11

Narrow-Leaf Milkweed, Greasy Creek, 7.28.11

Red-Stem Filaree, Dry Creek, 4.6.11

White-Stem Filaree, Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Wild Geranium (Cranesbill), Dry Creek, 4.6.11

Mustang Clover, Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Mustang Clover, Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Downy Pincushionplant, Dry Creek, 5.5.2011

White Owl's Clover (Valley Tassels), Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

Purple Owl's Clover, Dry Creek, 4.12.11

Bur Clover, Dry Creek, 5.27.2010

Carpet Clover, Dry Creek, 5.28.2011

Tomcat Clover, Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Tomcat Clover, Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Strawberry Clover, Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Yellow Sweet Clover, Dry Creek, 5.5.2011

Johnny Tuck, Dry Creek, 3.29.2009

Yellow Sorrel, Dry Creek, 4.21.2011

Hairy Vetch, Dry Creek Road, 4.14.11

Windmill Pink, Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Windmill Pink, Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Wild Radish, Dry Creek, 3.27.2009

Wild Radish, Dry Creek, 3.27.2009

Woodland Star, Greasy Creek, 5.5.2011

Common Peppergrass, Dry Creek, 4.10.2009

Wallflower, Dry Creek, 4.17.11

London Rocket, Dry Creek, 4.6.2009

Sweet Alyssum, Greasy Creek, 5.11.2009

Floating Primrose, Dry Creek, 5.19.2011

Silvercrown Lucina, Greasy Creek, 3.27.2009

Lomatium (Biscuitroot), Greasy Creek, 3.27.2009

Common Yarrow, Dry Creek, 5.11.2009

Paiute Morning Glory (Western Morning Glory), Greasy Creek, 5.5.2011

Elegant Clarkia, Greasy Creek, 5.8.2010

Elegant Clarkia, Greasy Creek, 5.15.2011

Pineapple Weed, Dry Creek, 4.17.11

Rock Lettuce, Greasy Creek,4.6.11

Silver Bird's-foot Trefoil, Greasy Creek, April 7, 2012

Slender Cottonweed, Dry Creek, April 3, 2012

Miner's Lettuce, Dry CReek, 4.17.11

Wild Grape, Dry Creek, 4.6.2009

Wild Grape, Dry Creek, July 3, 2013

Wild Grape, Dry Creek, July 3, 2013

Tree Tobacco. Dry Creek, 4.6.2009

Black Nightshade, Dry Creek, 6.8.2009

Jimsonweed, Dry Creek, 6.13.2009

California Yerba Santa, Dry Creek, 4.5.2009

Verbascum thapsus, May 11, 2013

Wooly Mullein, Verbascum thapsus, May 11, 2013

Wooly Mullein, Dry Creek - May 11, 2013

Wooly Mullein, Dry Creek – May 11, 2013

Tarweed, Dry Creek - August 11, 2013

Tarweed, Dry Creek – August 11, 2013

Chaparral Honey Suckle, Greasy Creek, 6.10.2009

Bush Beardtongue, Greasy Creek, 5.27.2010

Pipe Stem Clematis, Dry Creek, 4.2.2009

California Everlasting (California Cudweed), Greasy Creek, 4.10.2009

Cephalanthus occidentalis californica - July 3, 2013

Button Willow (Cephalanthus occidentalis californica ) – Dry Creek, July 3, 2013


Foothill Gooseberry (Oak Gooseberry), Dry Creek, 6.3.2011

Wild Cucumber (Sierra Man-root), Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Wild Cucumber seed pods, Greasy Creek, 4.17.11

Common Gourd, Dry Creek, 6.13.09

Milk Thistle, Dry Creek, 4.21.11

Italian Thistle, Dry Creek, 5.16.2011

Yellow Starthistle, Dry Creek, 7.11.2009

Spiny-Sepaled Button-Celery (Coyote Thistle), Dry Creek, 5.7.2011

Western Redbud, Paregien Ranch, 4.14.11

Chemise, Greasy Creek, 4.6.11

California Spicebush, Greasy Creek, 6.28.11

Valley Elderberry, Dry Creek, 5.5.2011

Manzanita, Paregien, 3.20.2009

Find more photographs of wildflowers and some of their native uses in the Dry Crik Journal archives: Wildflowers

2 responses to “Identified:

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  2. This collection of wildflowers makes me long for spring in Arizona. I won’t wish my life away, though… looking forward to fall colors in Minnesota in a few weeks. Your collection of known wildflowers is much greater than my own. 🙂


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