Journal: February 2015 — Seven Pix


Robbin and I went to the Paregien Ranch Sunday to check the cattle, feed, and rain gauge since the storm on the 7th, 8th and 9th. An 1.43″, which was more than anywhere else on the ranch. We’re still trending warm and dry with wildflowers blooming a month earlier than normal, the poppies above and below in Ridenhour Canyon.



Despite the lush look of spring, there is no rain in the forecast for the rest of the month with temperatures in the mid-70s. We’ll be needing another rain soon or it will be a short grass season. Nevertheless, the cattle are doing well, both cows and calves, taking advantage of early and strong feed.



Looking ahead, we shut the cattle out our new gathering field to give the grass a chance to grow before we wean, which is normally in May — but it may be March or April if it doesn’t rain.


Checking on the Windmill Spring, we were greeted enthusiastically by our independent ‘Little Buddy’ who can be seen helping us cut firewood Here and helping me plumb a trough Here before he was branded and tagged in December.


Though it appears that we’re both having a drink, I was blowing on the overflow pipe to unplug it. Of course, our ‘Little Buddy’ was well aware of the hay in the back of the Kubota.


9 responses to “Journal: February 2015 — Seven Pix

  1. Our friends in the East send photos of piles of snow. You have flowers. We’re staring at bare ground. In the mountains at 7000 feet. In February.


  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Is there anything funnier than a happy cow’s face? Great shots . . .


  3. Happy moo cows at last 🙂


  4. Hope mom doesn’t get mad about the grass stains. My mom always did. 😉
    That drop tine making a fashon statement? “I’m only half tough. Try me. I can take you with one horn tied behind my back”


  5. I don’t know if you have changed their names but over here to get a calf that colour (we call ’em ‘black baldies’) we use Hereford cows with an Angus bull or the other way around. But they are a pretty animal.


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