Of all the necessary evils strung
across the West, mile after mile
glistening either side of every highway,

every rail, keeping cattle in and people
out: lines of wire and sentry posts
standing between a disastrous mix

of urgencies, a clash of cultures:
the timeless calm of open space
invaded and escaped at seventy.

The better ground fenced between
Frost’s good neighbors, cross-hatched
into managed pastures cowmen dream

will optimize the grass, the grazing—
and of course the breeding: a tangled
trail of testosterone enraged to war,

a crash of skulls, two tons of bellowing
bulls colliding in a storm unwinding
borders for as far as they can.

Most cowboys despise fixing fence—
ride around the long step down
to keep the evil stuff up.



WPC(3) — “Symmetry”


10 responses to “BARBED WIRE

  1. Everybody hates barb wire. That’s why most people are turning to electric fencing here. It’s so easy to use and the animal can’t be injured.


  2. I have always wondered how much money has been put into fencing. I look at the miles and think how many cows it took to pay for it. Ranchers must be incredibly wealthy. (or in debt) Another thing people don’t think about in the price of beef.


  3. I’m amazed at some of the places fencing is put and thankful that I don’t have to even climb there for anything!



  4. evil stuff indeed, reminds me of the first world war…nice minimalist symmetrical shot


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