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It’s quiet now, she’s come and gone

without a sound, spent the night

without a word as we slept


deeply by the fire.  She kept it dark

without the stars, hid the pregnant moon

that shed the rain lightly through the clouds.


We don’t know her name, shy goddess—

but we will leave the light on

with pomegranate jelly at the door.


        –          –          –          –         –

0.63″ plus bugs






Too few days of rain to save for,
the special jobs on the list of extras
when too wet to get to anywhere
off the road and you choose jelly
while it pours. The pomegranate tree
I pruned too much bore fruit
with volunteers now big enough
to finish filling gallon jugs with crimson
juice pressed from a jillion seeds
and saved in the freezer, now thawed
waits for sugar and that special
pectin brought to a boil to fill these jars
of translucence sealed to give away
to family and friends for Christmas.
Who saves these things for rainy days?

                                                     for Robbin