Too few days of rain to save for,
the special jobs on the list of extras
when too wet to get to anywhere
off the road and you choose jelly
while it pours. The pomegranate tree
I pruned too much bore fruit
with volunteers now big enough
to finish filling gallon jugs with crimson
juice pressed from a jillion seeds
and saved in the freezer, now thawed
waits for sugar and that special
pectin brought to a boil to fill these jars
of translucence sealed to give away
to family and friends for Christmas.
Who saves these things for rainy days?

                                                     for Robbin


6 responses to “ANYMORE

  1. Pomegranate Jelly! I have never seen it, but it must be delicious.


  2. I watched my mom and grandmother make jams, jelly, and can the fruit we grew. As I remember, the prep is the hard part. We has a 30 foot apricot tree that provided both tree house and good eats. When the crop is ready you have to get busy. My first job was selling a shopping bag full of apricots door to door for a quarter. It had to be a labor of love so they could share that love with others.

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  3. I bet it means every bit as much to Robbin.( and friends that receive) Can’t imagine how many Pomegranates she had to knock seeds out of, crush strain etc. As you know, you have a special lady there

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