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Flash of tender bloom
for a single day each year
when we remember.


“Let the Mothers Decide to Make War”


Echinopsis w/ Leafhoppers



A short pause for this year’s one-day bloom that usually occurs around Mother’s Day, more flamboyant, it seems, this year, complete with leafhoppers that have overrun the garden. Once stirred, the bugs blindly assault every orifice, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. The hatch should run its course in two or three weeks, however the mosquitos will be with us all summer. Our weather has warmed to 100 degrees as we begin our workdays earlier, palpating heifers, moving cattle and weaning calves, as we try to find a pace that we can maintain for the next thirty or so days.







Flash of tender bloom
on thorny spines for one day
each year: from hard times.


September Echinopsis II





Flower Friday