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Two sections of grass,
twenty-four tons on the hoof
leaving for your plate.





A season teeters
on the beam, calves condensing
strong grass on the hoof.





Flash of tender bloom
for a single day each year
when we remember.


“Let the Mothers Decide to Make War”


Processing the Wagyu



As we approach the end of our grass season, we’ve begun processing our Wagyu X calves before we ship them to Snake River Farms in Idaho around mid-May to be fed and sold as American Kobe beef. Each calf receives a second round of vaccinations and Electronic ID tags consisting of a unique 15-digit number that can be read both visually and electronically, denoting the country of origin and complying with the requirements of disease traceability. Calves destined for the export market must have EID tags.

Born after the first of September, the calves have had a tough start with only 3 inches of rain accumulated by the end of February, but seem to have done remarkably well since our March and April rains. However, I don’t expect them to weigh as much as in past years.

Once the Wagyu X calves are shipped, we will take these cows, mostly second-calf mothers bred to an Angus bull, up into the Greasy watershed as we begin weaning our English calves. With a little luck, we ought to be done weaning by the first of July. With temperatures breaking into the 90s, we’re bracing for our usual summer heat.


Mustard yellow greens
under a blue sky, cows wait
for some direction.





Trees and flowers
below clouds above the creek
never looked the same.





Blue moon over green
above grandchildren grazing
to tree frog refrains.





Sometimes we can’t see
skeletons of drought-dead trees
through canyons of rain.





Touch of Irish green,
rainbow rising from the creek,
canyon rich with luck.





Add water to dirt
and wait for another rain
again and again.