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In Memory of Guy Gillette

2013 National Cowboy an Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Awards

2013 National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Awards

Guy Porter Gillette Obituary


McKee Branding 2013 – Robbin’s Picks

This gallery contains 26 photos.


January 10, 2013

January 10, 2013

Almost Blue

8:15 p.m. – August 30, 2012

Shrock Branding, Three Rivers

Blossom Peak

Don Shrock

John Vincent

Russ Fisher & John Vincent - photo Earl McKee

Zach Shaver

John Dofflemyer

Earl McKee

Wayne Weller

Clay Lyons

Zach Shaver & Banjo - photo Earl McKee

Dance at the Fire - photo Earl McKee

Jaimie & Casey

Brent & Paige Huntington

Beautiful day, nice calves, good company!

Wagyu Branding

Clarence Holdbrooks, Brent Huntington & Zach Shaver

Sam Avila, Ken McKee, Tony Rabb, Doug Thomason & Craig Ainley

Sam Avila & Doug Thomason

Ken McKee & Craig Ainley

Craig Ainley

Brent Huntington

Doug Thomason

Craig Ainley

Virginia McKee

Tony Rabb

Zach Shaver & Clarence Holdbrooks

Jody & Sam

Under a threat of rain or snow, cold wind and less than ideal conditions, we got the Wagyu calves branded. The Wagyu-cross are more active than our straight English calves, and a little tougher to rope in our big pen with tall grass. Lots of long ropes coming to the fire, our neighbors certainly rose to the occasion.

Afterwards, we barbecued some delicious American Kobe (Wagyu-cross) tri-tips from Snake River Farms that melted in our mouths – well-worth the premium over Angus USDA Choice. Snake River Farms

After the Branding

Included above: Keith Pascoe, Mark Pascoe, Brent Pascoe & Vincent Pascoe
(click to enlarge)

Vincent Pascoe

Brent Pascoe & Shelly; Vincent Pascoe

Big Dog Coyote

Subject of several posts and some discussion last September (see: ‘coyote’ tagged below) while we were calving our first-calf heifers, we believe this skull is that of the big male coyote that killed at least one Wagyu-cross calf and ripped the ham of another.

Spencer Jensen (seen below flanking a calf, ‘Paregien 2011’) dispatched the coyote 10 days later, ending our calf losses to coyotes to date. Note the size of the canine teeth—over a ½ inch longer than the female coyote he shot on his way up the hill to help us brand. Thanks, Spencer, for all your help!

Paregien 2011

Paregien: Cows & Calves

Robbin & I spent the better part of Sunday with the cows and calves on the Paregien Ranch.