Wagyu Branding

Clarence Holdbrooks, Brent Huntington & Zach Shaver

Sam Avila, Ken McKee, Tony Rabb, Doug Thomason & Craig Ainley

Sam Avila & Doug Thomason

Ken McKee & Craig Ainley

Craig Ainley

Brent Huntington

Doug Thomason

Craig Ainley

Virginia McKee

Tony Rabb

Zach Shaver & Clarence Holdbrooks

Jody & Sam

Under a threat of rain or snow, cold wind and less than ideal conditions, we got the Wagyu calves branded. The Wagyu-cross are more active than our straight English calves, and a little tougher to rope in our big pen with tall grass. Lots of long ropes coming to the fire, our neighbors certainly rose to the occasion.

Afterwards, we barbecued some delicious American Kobe (Wagyu-cross) tri-tips from Snake River Farms that melted in our mouths – well-worth the premium over Angus USDA Choice. Snake River Farms

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  1. I saw the smoke from the road….


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