In Memory of Guy Gillette

2013 National Cowboy an Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Awards

2013 National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Awards

Guy Porter Gillette Obituary

3 responses to “In Memory of Guy Gillette

  1. Great photo Robbin. Great guys all. Guy is one (of too many) that I will honor on the radio show.


  2. Hi John,
    From the looks of these photos you haven’t changed all that much since our days at The Jungle. Do you remember John Lundquist? That’s me. Leonard Cohen died yesterday and I thought of you and me in your room at The Jungle when you played for me what was then Cohen’s first album.

    I am so glad to see that you have stayed true to yourself by still writing (and successfully) poetry and that you are still at the ranch and land that you loved so much. I have nothing but fond memories of you, John., and I hope this email raises a smile in you as well. You were good and true friend.

    Best of continued good luck,
    P.S. If you’re able to, say hi to your sister, Ginny, as well



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