Shrock Branding, Three Rivers

Blossom Peak

Don Shrock

John Vincent

Russ Fisher & John Vincent - photo Earl McKee

Zach Shaver

John Dofflemyer

Earl McKee

Wayne Weller

Clay Lyons

Zach Shaver & Banjo - photo Earl McKee

Dance at the Fire - photo Earl McKee

Jaimie & Casey

Brent & Paige Huntington

Beautiful day, nice calves, good company!

3 responses to “Shrock Branding, Three Rivers

  1. How about a kind word for the ground crew?!


  2. Nice pics Robbin!!!
    Sure looks green…..more than I have seen.


  3. Sharon, everyone takes a turn on the ground around here, just part of the deal. We work the ground when we’re not roping. Robbin got these snapped before she & the girls had to start vaccinating. Pretty efficient when the neighbors come to help because everyone knows their job and is used to working with one another. Fine day!


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