Thrum upon the roof,

the creek stretches loudly now,

rain streams day and night


from heaven’s dark skies—

a decade of dreams and prayers

descend upon us.





Our totems come and go to rest

before our eyes, eagles and herons

inspect our souls without asking,


families of quail titter at our feet,

antlers tilt to consider our hunger

in places we mark in our memories.





She doesn’t care, has no compassion

for our self-indulgence, shapes her track

of least resistance embracing landscapes,


rearranging the gravity of facts

we must endure when she leaves us

with fresh metaphors into the future.



4 responses to “MOTHER NATURE 101

  1. Patrick Caviness

    That is powerful poetry John. I’m glad I got to read some oof your work.


    • Thanks, Pat. I trust you’re getting along fine. Keep playing that guitar!


      • patrick Caviness


        We are doing well. At 81, I can feel my body asking me what I’m doing to it. Frederique at 77, is still the energizer bunny. She keeps us hyperactive. Next month we go to Laos for 2 weeks then in May we go to France and Italy for 2 months. I’m trying to stay healthy enough to keep up with the bunny! Not easy. Last year we sold the villa Frederique designed and we built and lived in for 18 years. We moved into another villa on another estate that we rented for a year and have just arranged to purchase. We both want to live out our days right here. I think of you each time I hear about the droughts in CA you’re in now and that you predicted would happen many years ago. I miss our old America but don’t like all the polarization I see there today. As much as I abused my body in my younger years I’m amazed I’m still alive. Feel blessed that Frederique and I are living a simple beautiful life together in Asia. Its hard for me to realize even now that I’ve lived almost 35 years in Asia. First in Hong Kong and then in Samui. So very good to catch up with you. Please let me know how you’re doing. Let me know where I can read more if your poems. They’re excellent.

        Big hugs to you my friend,



      • Thanks, Pat, for the update and perspective. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Best to Frederique. This blog is the best place to keep up with us and the ranch as well as first draft poetry.


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