Safe arms of an oak

support an unruffled pause

for all but the dogs.




9 responses to “BOBCAT

  1. Great image. Great poem. Hope you and Robbin are well.

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    • Robbin’s iPhone, barking dogs below—love a cat’s demeanor. We’re doing fine, one bunch left to brand when it quits raining.


    • Thanks Heather, we are fine, waiting for a chance to get to our last bunch of calves to brand—too wet since December as they grow—may have to sell the bull calves slick.

      Missed you, Elko, and our friends there.


      • Yes, I missed Elko and the C. Goodnight show in Alpine and feel like I haven’t seen my “Elko family” in a very long time. Would love to visit you guys again one of these days.


  2. Bobcat haiku. I like it.


  3. Nice image John. We’ve been striking out with bobcats this season. Did find a badger way over by the coast though.

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  4. Wow! Great photo. Thinking of you and Robbin and your four legged friends.

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    • Thanks Meg. Hard for a cat to teach peace to a dog(s)—but they can. Been so wet the coyotes and Bobcats haven’t had a chance to hunt, and with their burrows flooded, the ground squirrels are busy cleaning their houses. These rains are a big change for everyone.


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