Not far off, the blackbirds squire
the females, tail-feathers fanned,
wings outstretched a stride behind.

Not far off, the green begins to flower,
wild buds waiting to burst into color,
tender leaves of oaks unfurl on twigs.

The crow pair check the squirrel towns
for blind babies and high on the ridges
the black dots of cows and calves

grazing undisturbed close to heaven.
No one needs us for this moment
in our dreams—we are released.


2 responses to “SPRING BREAK

  1. The blackbirds are back in the park where I walk, making lots of noise all the time. 🙂 Gorgeous shot.



  2. Back from a week of talking and of mandatory growth opportunities in DC, I wrap the green around me and count those gorgeous calves. All carried on without me ……..


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