I can’t shake loose my need for truth
these days, always
skeptical of the latest news

sandwiched between advertisements
hawking sex and drugs to humans—
I sip the scandalous like wine,

leave to light the barbecue,
relieve myself
and let my unfocused stare

inhale the browning hillside
leaking five-months’ rainfall
behind the house to stream

along the gravel driveway,
past the pickup parked
where a rock wren pair

rebuild their home of stones—
Tor House in a tailpipe—
I need to see the truth.




Tor House


6 responses to “TOR HOUSE IN A TAILPIPE

  1. At least it’s closer to the truth!

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  2. Lenore Brashear

    No truth in human news today. The only truth is in things natural!! How natural is it to build your house in a tailpipe. If not noticed to be scorched and blown away, eggs, hatchlings and all, if the human in charge turns the key.
    It seems we are all about to turn the key on ourselves!! Sorry to be so negative. A lovely Saturday morning to contemplate the sun peaking out from behind the clouds shrouding the Sierras.


  3. The sundial at Tor House reads ” Life is but a Shadowe”


  4. Lenore Brashear

    I have never been to Tor House, just read some of the poetry. The poet was a fatalist as the Sundial and the poem ‘To The Stone Cutters’ point out. I will have to read more of his poetry. My knowledge is sketchy but it seems that he may be right on target for today.


  5. This must be the reason for dual exhaust.


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