Paregian Rain Gauge




With her iPhone, Terri caught me measuring and ciphering 9.25” of rain since December 24th on the Paregien Ranch. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve seen our cattle, since the rains began in earnest at the 1st of the year. With 16.70” here on Dry Creek thus far, we have already surpassed our average annual rainfall for the season that generally ends on April 30th.

3 responses to “Paregian Rain Gauge

  1. Not seeing your cattle for that long must be a bit worrying. Is there someone the other side of the water who can tell you how they are?


    • They have been virtually inaccessible for 30+ days. But when it’s raining and the grass is growing, there’s not much more that we can do except make sure they have a bull nearby. I used to worry in situations like this, but it never did any good.


  2. Good to see you out and all that green! 28 foot snow pack last I heard.


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