Ridenhour Creek




At the top of the watershed, the Paregien Ranch feeds Ridenhour Creek on its way to Dry Creek. The higher ground is saturated with springs popping up out of cow trails that become small rivulets adding to the seeps to contribute to its flow. It’s not often that we see Ridenhour run this much water at about 25% of its flow, judging by the high-water mark, during the height of our storms of two weeks ago.


4 responses to “Ridenhour Creek

  1. Lenore Brashear

    Good morning John;
    Yours is always the first post I read on my email. Whether it is a poem or a luscious picture like this one, it always brings me something to think about during my day.
    The little runnels and dribbles in my pasture, all 2 acres of it, are down now from their torrent of a couple of weeks ago. The stream they run into is rushing, but in a contained way. The American River confluence of the north and middle forks, that it feeds is still roaring but it is softer and more contained now. You can see the rocks on the spit where the river’s forks come together. I wonder what will be left to see in mid summer.
    Have a great day, the sky will be blue and there will be frosting on the roofs.
    Rain has gone back to Sky and Mountain is left with the overflow changing his outline.

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  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if it always looked like this

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  3. John, your pic and comments brought back so many cherished memories for me.

    I write now, from across the Pacific Ocean…to my beloved Kaweah Country. Let it drink deep and long, and its inhabitants be blessed by this Gift from the Father of Lights. Drink so that your soul shines bright, reflecting the Creator’s Light. From hawk to earthworm, from Park ranger to road crew, let everyone know that they are loved and blessed…live the moment and let it transform you. The Aloha State’s official motto is: “The life of the land is perpetuated by righteousness”. Like rain from above, let ever-new mercies keep souls green and let the Water of Life pour from your innermost being!


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  4. Peter Notehelfer

    Beautiful shot! Makes the Golden hills of California look positively verdant!

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