I never see her leave
the loose nest of twigs
behind the cactus spines—

long tail feathers up,
eye to the outside perched
a week or more

near the water trough
while he patrols barn
and pasture, garden, yard.

The car’s shiny wheels
spend the night in the shop—
polished aluminum spokes

reflecting distortions
between each beak attack
gone from their spot

and he is confused and lost
without purpose,
without a job at dawn

searching in circles
for the foe
who drew no blood.


7 responses to “GOOD WORK HABITS

  1. Oh dear.

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  2. ” he is confused and lost without purpose, without a job at dawn”
    Unless rain comes, there will be many joining the ranks

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  3. Squirrels have nested in the motor of my car and birds took my windows for something else many times, but attacking tires? Not yet. This bird must have really been confused.


    • I suspect it is the Roadrunner’s nature to be challenged by his reflection, like the California Tohee (drab brown bird the size of a Robin) I hear pecking at the chrome strip on my pickup first thing in the morning. The side mirrors are also favorites of both, occupied for hours expending energy. Seems to me little round mirrors hang in parakeet cages too. But the Rock Wren pecking on the window screen is after tiny bugs.


  4. We too have little birds attacking our side mirrors; I didn’t know what the birds were. Now I do. My car’s side mirrors need a good cleaning!


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