APRIL 2, 2015




Thirty days ago we hoped
for a better spring,
for clouds to rain us
back to normal
as we looked down
Ridenhour Canyon
to Dry Creek Road—
to the orchards
of Lemon Cove.

Hills now brittle and brown,
last year’s dead oak skeletons
have company, naked
as the Kaweahs—tilted
granite rock without snow.

Corporate Ag without water
drills wells to hell—
spending billions
into the Pleistocene
to hasten the conclusion
of farming the San Joaquin.

We had hoped for a better spring,
another month of rain and green,
creeks and rivers overflowing,
flooding Valley towns.


3 responses to “APRIL 2, 2015

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    We will soon share your misery, even up here in the high Cascades. The winter brought virtually no snow to the high country and by May things will be brittle as tinder; already is that way over on the eastside of the mountains . . . Love reading your posts . . . Blessings on your herd!


  2. Yes, blessings to you and the herd. Another hard year. Stay strong.


  3. Rich & Shelby Hewitt

    In 1955 there was too much rain. I think it was 1969 we also experienced substantial rains. Hope you have above normal moisture soon. Love the picture which brings back fond memories of the Sierra foothill country. Rich


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