Roadrunner Nesting



I caught a Roadrunner on the way to the nest early yesterday morning with the point and shoot. By late evening, I saw a gopher snake exiting the cactus. I’ll check again today to see if the snake got the eggs.


(assuming) ‘She’ is back on the nest this a.m., (assuming) the gopher snake left empty-(handed).


March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015


7 responses to “Roadrunner Nesting

  1. soooo, did the snake get the eggs? sure hope not. Mother Nature has tough rules.


    • I doesn’t look like it, Beverly. I can’t imagine the snake navigating all those cactus spines and the beak of the Roadrunner not deterring the gopher snake. Too big, I think, for the Roadrunner to eat, but in a life and death battle, I’d put my money on the Roadrunner. On the nest again this a.m., she doesn’t seem to be upset in the least.


  2. What an exciting moment! That you got photos is even better.


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  3. nature red in tooth and jaw

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