Not too old to hunt,
it is my eyes that crave
the grace of wild things,

that tell the boy inside
to take another look,
focus while he can.

I have tracked, squeezed
the trigger, gutted, skinned
and hung the flesh

over flames, told the stories
within these mountains
where I became a man

who hunts for pleasure,
for sign each day—
for what he’s never seen.

                                      for Matt St. Martin


8 responses to “HUNTER

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    Brilliant verse . . .

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  2. This was fantastic. Perfect description of a boy/hunter maturing to our age. Most times now, a camera or simply seeing, is the weapon of choice.

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  3. Peter Notehelfer

    Wisdom really does come with age . . . Allthough some dove and quail would sure taste good tonight with some mushrooms and wine and wild rice. . .. . .

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    • Absolutely! I don’t want to sound like a purist! Quail, dove, duck, all tasty right off the barbecue. And on some level, I have felt my wild attributes enhanced with some elk and venison. I just haven’t ‘had to kill a buck’ for about twenty years now, just rather see and know they’re out there.

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  4. I’m not sure where you are, but every time I look at your ‘drycrick’ I think of John Steinbeck and the Red Pony.


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