Killdeer Nesting



Not far from the Roadrunner’s cactus nest, a Killdeer is also sitting on eggs. The shoulder of our gravel driveway usually offers three or four Killdeer a good place to hide and incubate their eggs. To keep from running over them, we’ve been known to place a rock close to the nest. Once hatched, the Killdeer takes her babies to the creek about 200 yards away. But barely running this year and last, we’ve only this one Killdeer nesting.

I had hoped to get photos of her broken wing act, her ploy to lure the dogs away. But she stood her ground yesterday to protect her nest.


5 responses to “Killdeer Nesting

  1. Peter Notehelfer

    ‘In wild things is the preservation of life’ . . . I love the way you see everything and care for it . . .

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  2. It is amazing you were able to get so close without her trying to lure you away. It must be the “friend” sign on your hat.

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    • I think Killdeer may be able to differentiate the threats between humans and other animals. I’m guessing the natives that preceded us here gathered the eggs and were not fooled by the act, whereas snakes, dogs, etc. might be lured away by the bigger prize. I wouldn’t have been surprised, had one us reached down for the eggs, if she took the offensive. She walked off a few feet, but came back immediately, fanning her feathers to hide the eggs.


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