Just short of heaven,
dust and ashes come alive
to color hillsides.



WPC — “Reward”


13 responses to “SPRING DAWN 2015

  1. Very nice, both poem and picture.

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  2. Holy doodle, that is magnificent!

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  3. Peter Notehelfer

    Stunning . . .

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  4. Ah, life was only dormant after all. I’ll feel even better when you can show some green on those trees and the lake filling up

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    • Me too, Richard. While checking the cattle and the rain gauge yesterday, Robbin and I were surprised by a smaller percentage, it seems, of non-budding oak trees. Clearer with time. Stockwater is still an issue, and irrigation water for Valley farmers remains a major concern.


  5. What a beauty! What is the purple coloring on the trees, which I assume are oak?

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    • They are, indeed, Blue Oaks. The first thin leaves will be a light, translucent green to become a thick, dull turquoise as they mature to endure our hot summers. Truly native, they have evolved. To see a large percentage die due to the prolonged drought would be alarming — we’ll see.


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