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Neither trust nor fear
of us inhibits a hawk’s
delight on the lawn.


The Sharp Shinned Hawk has been making a living around the house for over two months and become our coffee and cocktail entertainment. We do all but applaud its low flap and glide aerobatics in pursuit of startled quail. Though probably only a temporary guest, we’ve become comfortable with one another’s tastes and habits. Not too persnickety, the Sharp Shinned Hawk taunts us with ground squirrels (dead or alive) quail and ringnecked dove. Last night, a Black Phoebe was the casualty.


Evening Guest



The Sharp Shinned Hawk stopped by for a drink at the “Sip & Dip”, at a grinding rock mortar hole that had filled with water from the sprinkler, Sunday evening. Still harassing coveys of quail around the house, he’s found the dogs’ Lamb and Rice and made himself very much at home, becoming tamer, closer to us and the music on Sirius.





have come to dine on quail
while Cooper’s Hawks
work elsewhere. Low

sleek glide behind
a whir of wings
and feathers aflutter.