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Beyond the snowline,
roofless remains of rock houses,
high desert sage, pastel willows

and old cottonwoods
that surround Olancha—
fifty miles due east of green,

five hours by car,
five days a foot,
no short cuts.




“Autumn in Olanche” Joseph Mancuso


Racing the storm
camped on Sierra peaks
leaking sparkling snowdrifts
south of Olancha’s stone huts

                    each round rock
                    a poem fit
                    for publication:

                    perfect works
                    without chimney smoke,
                    without window glass,
                    without wooden doors
                    stand open to unfriendly futures

                    marking the trail
                    like ducks
                    towards Tehachapi
                    snow plows
                    loaded with desert sand.

I imagine time
resting here
on its way West.