Beyond the snowline,
roofless remains of rock houses,
high desert sage, pastel willows

and old cottonwoods
that surround Olancha—
fifty miles due east of green,

five hours by car,
five days a foot,
no short cuts.


4 responses to “UNEVEN GROUND

  1. Well there’s a piece of heaven.

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  2. The Jordan Trail. Named for a guy who travelled it thousands of years after those who found its path.


  3. I worked with Janice Hunter at Deep Springs and I heard stories about her Grandfather Beverly, who brought horses over from Olancha to sell in Visalia. The Hunters bred Mustangs to better horses and trailed them over the Jordan Trail.

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    • Thanks, Ben, interesting information. According to what I remember from Earl McKee, Onus Brown at 17 years old trailed horses up the Kern River, then up the Little Kern and over Farewell Gap to Mineral King during its hey-day mining days.


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