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On the other side
of Sunday school
and Old Testament tests,

we survived wilder times
with less rules. Today,
we take turns cutting calves

with meat on the fire.
At home in these board pens,
we can hear the old men

holler from Sulphur Ridge:
Dave, E.J., Earl and Homer,
chides, laughter and profanity

as we look back—
and up ahead we see
we’re somewhere in-between.


First Branding



Branding calves in Earl McKee’s corrals has always been removed from the rest of the world, separate from the conflicts and politics that we are bombarded with daily. Never more true than yesterday among a few neighbors and friends at our first branding of the year, most of us going ‘old people slow’ as we got the job done.


Sulphur Branding 2010

Photos by Earl McKee

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We branded last Friday and were lucky enough to have Earl bring his camera to his corrals in Greasy – a beautiful day! In the slideshow are Kenny & Virginia McKee, Tony Rabb, Doug Thomason, Brent Huntington, Zach Shaver, Chad Lawerence, Chuck Fry, Clarence & Frances Holdbrooks, Robbin, Bob & I.  Thanks all!