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Merry Christmas! from our crew to yours







An easy balance of wills
at work, a dance
on uneven landscapes.



Belle Point Bunch

Sorting cows from calves

Sorting cows from calves

We branded a little bunch of calves yesterday with Brent and Chuck roping well enough to keep those of us on the ground from waiting long between calves. Good to know I can still throw some calves and feel pretty good the next morning. A fun day among friends.

Clarence in the gate

Clarence in the gate

‘Spic & Span’ Grazing the Gloaming


Evenings thus far in August have been delightful, days noticeably shorter, about 30 minutes at both ends. It’s also 10 degrees cooler, hovering in the mid-90s with gusty breezes up and down canyon, especially at dusk. Atop the knoll where native women came to heal themselves without men, Rags and Bart (a.k.a. ‘Spic & Span’), raised at the Fairlea Ranch farther up Dry Creek Road and trained by Clarence Holdbrooks, are part of the family, part of the evening’s entertainment—though never sure who’s entertaining who. Our pair of crows usually roost atop the dead snag, an over-two hundred year old Live Oak that I imagine offered shade when the native women came.

Sulphur Branding 2010

Photos by Earl McKee

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We branded last Friday and were lucky enough to have Earl bring his camera to his corrals in Greasy – a beautiful day! In the slideshow are Kenny & Virginia McKee, Tony Rabb, Doug Thomason, Brent Huntington, Zach Shaver, Chad Lawerence, Chuck Fry, Clarence & Frances Holdbrooks, Robbin, Bob & I.  Thanks all!