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From out of the smoke
raining with ash, white egret
at standing water.


Heron and Egret




A game since April, my presence, while irrigating, interrupts the daily routine of wading the edges of the pond for this Great Egret and Great Blue Heron. Usually one or the other, they generally fly when I get within a 100 yards of them to light a safe distance away on dry ground to watch and wait until I’m done. Sunday morning as the pipeline filled, they both circled to a secluded spot in the cattails instead, just barely within range of my camera lens.

Not quite a siege of herons.


Great Egret


Not satisfied with the poem that I was working on, I went to work this morning sans post. But while changing my irrigation water on the Kubota, I came upon this fellow more intent on breakfast than nervous about me, about thirty feet away.





On my morning rounds
feeding hay, changing water,
we play tame games
on the edges of his space
bubble shrinking with the creek
drawn down to warm pools
hemmed in green grazed,
of water bugs and tadpoles,
blue gill fry and frogs.

Snow white serpentine
neck cocked, reflected
in the shadow of a sycamore—
another perfect photo-op
I try to remember instead.

Only Blue Herons here
when I was a boy,
but thirty years ago
the cattle egrets showed
in a flock, decorating
oak tree shade for cows
by the irrigation reservoir.

He knows my circles,
lets me stop to watch
close enough to hear
my camera’s shutter.

Two solitary forms
this time of day,
but for the pasture
of just-weaned calves
headed for feeders
full of alfalfa hay.
We choose to work alone,
make circles our way, but
happy to be noticed.