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First Calf 2022

In the feed grounds this morning (8/29/22), our first calf of the season with its mother (7052), posted here as part of our age and source verification program and to share with those following this blog. Due September 1st, there are several other cows pretty close up, so it’ll have a playmate soon. An Angus calf, no Wagyu this year.

First Angus Calf

We record the first Angus calf of the season as part of our Age and Source Verification process.  These two are about 3 days old born to cows 3292 and 3305 on the Paregian Ranch.

First English Calf 2018



In keeping with Age and Source Verification for our next crop of calves, this calf was born August 29, 2018 and posed for Robbin and I on our way up to look at the cows in Greasy where we found two more new babies. With a couple of weather changes in the past ten days, it feels like fall now, but we know we’re liable for more 100-degree days this month and next.

Still somewhat understocked from the drought as we rebuild our cow herd from our own replacement heifers, we found plenty of feed and water and most of the cows heavy with calf. With bull sales all over California this month, we’re excited to add some new Angus genetics to our herd, hoping that sagging salvage values will keep bull prices reasonable.


First Calf




Age and source verification:
August 31, 2016. Bull calf.
Cow tag: 1104. Sire: Mrnak 119.


Greasy Water Update – First Calf

Less than two weeks ago, we began efforts to find more water in the Greasy watershed utilizing David Langton’s backhoe, the first time a backhoe has ever been to this part of the ranch. Terri and I made the loop with hay yesterday to monitor our water and feed the girls getting ready to calve.



The second trough at Ragle Springs is now full and overflowing. When time allows, we’ll have to plumb an overflow at the low end away from the dirt fill placed around the trough that will probably entail chipping a saddle in the concrete in order to cement a pipe that will have to be anchored to a post beside the trough to keep the cows from breaking the concrete when they rub on the pipe. Any kind of construction for cattle is a challenge. But for the moment, we have plenty of water storage available for the cows, giving us two good springs in our Sulphur pasture. Ragle Springs



The troughs are full and the new spring box is running steady @ about 1/3 gpm. Railroad



Water continues to accumulate at Grapevine at two locations. Grapevine

The cows were scattered and harder to locate yesterday, grazing farther from water now, secure and satisfied that water will be available tomorrow.


For Source and Age Verification, we document our first calf born for the season, so buyers and consumers will know the age of our oldest calf. (First only if we don’t include the four calves born a month early after a bull jumped the gun at the end of last October.) Surprise


First Calf 2014


Welcome silhouettes in these two photographs, albeit ten days earlier than expected, of our first calf of the season delivered by 0075 on the Paregien Ranch. In past years, we have documented our first calf on this blog to jog our memories and as part of the “Age and Source” verification process when we advertise our calves for sale. Robbin and I went up the hill Sunday morning to check stockwater and to feed the girls, delighted to see this strong, healthy calf. Our year has begun once more.




WPC(2 & 3) — “Silhouette”