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Buckeye Bark Eater?



It’s been a mystery to Robbin and I for several years as to who or what has been stripping or eating the bark of certain California Buckeyes below Sulphur Peak.



Only noticeable on a few trees this time of year, we have speculated all manner of rare varmints or animals. Last week while feeding and checking our stock water in the Greasy Creek watershed, Terri and I spotted the culprit in the act, an ordinary ground squirrel. I have often wondered how ground squirrels, half a mile or more from any water, get a drink or enough moisture to survive our summers. Perhaps I’m on the right track, or it may be something else altogether that drives a ground squirrel to ultimately kill the limbs of select Buckeye trees.






It begins with
what small device,
what detail rings
into a melody

The hint of cloud,
the breeze, the scent
that rallies synapses
to soar into song—
poor words dressed

in new clothes,
the common tongue
revived to reverberate
from the soil—
what small device?

What catalyst
will change our appetite
for more, what selflessness
will help us see
that more is before us

beneath our feet
to feed us all
the songs we need
to find humility
and awe?



WPC(3) — “Endurance”>




A volunteer Buckeye
and high-tech remnant
find light in the garden.



WPC – Bees & Buckeye Blossoms (Spring 1)




Measure the days of spring
in Buckeye blossoms
and the buzzing of bees.





Weekly Photo Challenge