A volunteer Buckeye
and high-tech remnant
find light in the garden.



2 responses to “SUNSET

  1. I love how the Buckeye are dormant in the winter, looking almost dead, and make a great come back in the spring. Even with little rain this year, they look splendid in my backyard.


    • First to leaf out, first to turn brown, the California Buckeye is a beautiful tree, especially in bloom, and as it ages, comprised of several graceful stems from a rootball that seem somewhat human when dormant, white dancing limbs. Its dry leaves cling to finger-like branches through Halloween, darkening, and the tree turns ghoulish to me, each leaf like a long drop of blood at the end of a witch’s many-taloned hand. Hard to tell, I’m sure, but we’re quite fond of the Buckeyes. And lucky you and your backyard! Thanks, Evelyne.


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