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Another ant
in the anthill,

another bee
in the beehive,

another cog
on the treadmill—

I was bred to like work,
crave approval, but
make do with feeling good

about a job done better
than the last time—
an inclination to improve

the world around me
if I don’t stray
too far from home.






Busy as a bee
with the basics, it’s normal
to get some on you.



Weekly Photo Challenge: “Ornate”






My feet have slowed—
my eye measures distance
and my mind weighs

the importance of moving
as I withdraw
from all the magic

flashing the horizon
like explosions
of another war

that will not wound me,
fatally. This time
is mine to spend,

frugally. Summer sighs
into September shadows
as I wait for storms

to wash the outside
world clean away.
Too old to play football

or politics anymore,
I hear colors sing
without a score.





One load of pollen
on one busy bumblebee
for Flower Friday.


Bumblebee, G & T and a Buzz


While in the garden with the Olympus point & shoot last Saturday evening, I attempted some shots of bumblebees, at work on Robbin’s Cosmos, with its telephoto in a breeze. Most photographers know better.


Last evening on the deck with gin & tonics to assuage the 110° day, I brought the macro lens out. As we were talking, a bumblebee crashed into the back of Robbin’s head and landed on the table, seemingly overcome with heat,


only to come back to life and head for my glass.


Whether for the condensation or the coolness of the glass, or both, it was determined. With fading light, photographers understand my lack of depth of field, and the flash


that didn’t deter him a bit. After 15 or 20 minutes, I went back out to the Cosmos.


He was still busy on the glass when I returned.


Whether moisture or coolness, Robbin decided to let him have an ice cube from her glass.


Whereupon he spent another five minutes or so, until he had his fill, then stumbled off and collapsed. We thought we’d killed him.


But alas, he rallied, crawled across the table, fell off the edge onto our 2” x 6” deck, then crawled off between a crack—much better, we assume, for the experience.