No spring chicken, she’s let herself go

wild after a decade of waterless summers

as if saving up the emptiness to fill at once—


every wrinkle in these hills oozing rivulets

into foaming cappuccino creeks cresting

towards runaway rivers spilling, flooding


valley towns and farm ground with lakes

and bogs—all the years of prayers answered

with much more passion than we wanted.





4 responses to “WINTER PASSION

  1. I fear this may happen again this year in our neck of the woods also. Be safe.

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    • Rumor mill: The experts have put their data together, as the dairies around Corcoran are trying to move their cows (70,000, I understand), before being flooded. When moved, the cows will be off milking schedule, the dairies ruined. Tulare Lake is supposed to stay full for 2 years and the town of Corcoran will be underwater. A real tragedy!

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  2. Leaves little doubt as to “who’s” in charge! And who is not.

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