March 10, 2011


Once the invincible gambler,

I was weaned on cowboy heroics

to wear the scrapes and scars


of chance and circumstance

stiffly—my bones now groan

ground under the pressure


of time, worn smooth as cobbles

in a creekbed.  Stride shortened,

my feet slide searching for stability,


having danced this earth as one

in my collected dreams aboard

four great horses I’ve outlived—


I am learning to change my mind,

to find the flavor in a moment

I’ll not savor another time.



8 responses to “CONFESSION ONGOING

  1. A celebration or a lament…….or the other way around?
    Doesn’t matter does it?

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  2. Poignant, John!

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  3. That last verse is so good, John. This poem reminds me of my dad.

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    • Thank you, Janet. Getting to this frame of mind is unavoidable for me. If the poem reminds you of your dad, I trust he came to the same conclusions. I tend, even at this late date, to miss the present while trying to live in the future… which is seldom rewarding.

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  4. Laurie Schwaller

    Well, this one brought quick hot tears to my eyes. Beautiful capture, John. Happy New Year to you and the family. May you all be as well as possible in 2023 — and Dry Creek, too.

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    • Thanks’s Laurie, I’m preaching to myself with the hope I can live a little longer in the moment. Probably take half-dozen more of ‘in the moment’ poems to see an improvement.


  5. I’m with JEG

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