Not the least hurt by this ribbon of road carved on their sea-foot.

                                          – Robinson Jeffers (“The Coast-Road”)


Fridays bring the caravans of Christians,

SUVs freeway-spaced and paced at sixty

up this snaky road to the pines and cedars

                                                                                    to pray


and low-snow weekends, the growl of mud grips

on decomposing asphalt, armies of colored jeeps

and shiny four-wheel drives drone up-canyon

                                                                                    to play


do not see these hills leaking with pleasure,

every wrinkle running with crystal streams

of rain, three weeks of storms rushing to


a rising, chocolate creek with foam, nor

the naked sycamores, leaves undressed,

white limbs dancing, rosy fingers reaching


for steamy clouds afloat upon the green

oak-studded slopes, black dots of cattle

scattered with all the legends gone before me.


6 responses to “RIBBON OF ROAD

  1. I like this, John. “Ribbon of road” makes me want to go somewhere. 🙂

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  2. Congrats on the rain and good luck in the new year

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  3. Laurie Schwaller

    Dang, what a run of extra-good ones! Keep ’em coming, John; you’ve got a mighty good gather going here. (And you’re slicing through and illuminating [with lightning flashes and campfire light] so many layers at once.) Such fine work sure is a treat for your readers. THANK YOU


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