The weather here is queen,

haggard goddess dodging phone calls,

prayers—she gathers storms


like cattle to market

leaving empty pastures bare to cook

for sometimes years—


sometimes centuries displacing

civilizations for archeological

supposition and conjecture.


We cannot know her mind—

she is old and forgetful

and often wanders in a haze.


But when we smell her

approaching on the wind

our dry skin tightens as


we become like reckless children

turned loose to prepare

the fires for her arrival,


be it wrath or cordial,

for she is queen

of eternity.


6 responses to “QUEEN

  1. John, Wonderful word smithing with Queen, Before the Rain, On Bare Acres. I hope you take to Elko a collection on the Queen. Would you have ever believed your country would be this dry after many successful ranching years? Just when we had it all figured, we are learning new ways for survival of this outfit after 40 plus years. All well in northern Wyoming. Katie

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  2. Wonderful, John!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dawilkinson@mac.com

    Mighty fine one, John!

    Andy Wilkins

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