Change is made of choices

                                                & choices are made of character.

                                                                    – Amanda Gorman (“We Write”)


Nothing stays the same,

even the Earth wobbles on its axis.


We are not the same people—

we were raised with, and finally by.


Reason and truth have been inflated so

they have no value now, like fiat currency.


Yesterday, a man’s word defined him.

Today he speaks a foreign tongue.


But that’s all we have, a lifetime of words

to ease the speed and pain of change.


5 responses to “WORDS

  1. An old man and a young woman who ”get it”. Thanks Amanda. Thanks John.

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  2. I went to Morton’s for my birthday dinner last night and had your Wagyu Filet. Very, “medium well” done, my friend. Thank you for you, and your extended family’s expertise and effort that made it a dinner to remember!

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  3. Great shot and wonderful words. They really do help.

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  4. Thanks, Laurie, Amanda Gorman is inspiring!


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