Dark morning chill stirs the flesh
to welcome winter waiting
for flaming tongues 
to lick between
dry Manzanita branches
igniting Blue oak 
in the woodstove’s glow.
I recall storms, the floods
and endless downpours,
creek too high to cross
for thirty days and pray
for anything wet enough
to start the grass
for cows and calves—
for my sanity, something
akin to normal
in these crazy days
of politics and pandemic—
something to trust 
as right as rain—
something to believe in.

5 responses to “HALLOWEEN

  1. Can’t we just change the channel? Watch a rerun we know well. The safe, older times, that fell perfectly into place.

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  2. And, that this time, we are not yet again distracted.

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  3. Believe in LOVE, Dad… The organizational force of the universe
    raining’ love, reigning love (hehe;)

    My recipe for survival these days:
    – one foot in front of the other, no matter what
    – invest to those on your path (especially in those who are good to you back and keep an open clear view on the rest of em)
    – be good to yourself
    – Celebrate each day we get to be here/live again…
    – Commit deeply to ensuring that others have the opportunity be here as well

    something like that… 🙂
    Love you so much!
    Raining now in SC… & maybe there soon?

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