One more cigarette
for the young dog
to piss and poop,
to explore the garden,
check-out the squirrel holes
before I load her up.
One more cigarette
to let the split oak set
before I stack it.
One more cigarette
and a cup of old coffee
to inhale November.

4 responses to “NOVEMBER 2020

  1. Hmm, the good White Oak/ Post Oak? The intense perfume of oak firewood, the smell of deepest nature, the heart cut from the earth.
    I stumbled upon a quote from the late poet/writer Jim Harrison, ‘ If I had only five minutes left to live I would light up a cigarette and pet my dog.’

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    • Blue Oak/White Oak. As for his health, Harrison knew better. I’ve quit many times, but if I’m going to smoke, no hurried multi-tasking, I’m going to take time to enjoy it.


  2. A wisp of smoke from a river rock ring, cast iron stove, or an ashtray,
    from oak or tobacco paired with coffee of any age
    shoulders relax, only muscle in action embraces a cup
    Morning or night sky stars matter not
    Tranquility takes hold… peace…contentment

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