No social distancing, evening conversation
centers on introductions as sorrel horses
welcome first-calf heifers coming to water:

no politics, no economic woes, just
domesticated souls touching nose-to-nose
before shadows crawl across the canyon.

We are enveloped for prolonged minutes
within their quiet reverie, forgetting
all the bad news they’ll never know.


6 responses to “HEIFERS AND HORSES

  1. Happy Labor Day to you and yours, John. Praying there are no fires near you.


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    • Thank you, Janet. No fires close, but the smoke is terrible. This morning’s sun was scarlet. Temperatures dropping after 109 degrees the past two days that ought to help these weary fire fighters.


  2. You made my day!

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    • Oh good, John. We are blessed to have the livestock remind us that the whole world hasn’t gone to hell, and that someday, if we’re lucky, we may approach some kind of normalcy. Thanks for the attaboy!


  3. A livestock cooling station? ;o)


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