Only the lesser man regards himself
as superior, assured and measured
by the whims of fleeting fortune—
he clings to hackneyed slogans
like jetsam in the raging river’s storm.

Beef dressed in a layer of white fat,
you cannot tell the color of its hide
on the rail, when cut and wrapped
in butcher paper, or ground to satisfy
your convenient consumption.

In this global herd of humanity,
fear is the currency of exchange
rekindled with falsehoods
propagated by impromptu scripts
to be played by bad actors.

This is not the only show on earth!
Do not be afraid to respect a man’s
hands and heart, learn to look him
in the eye and listen to a rhythm
common beneath your skin.


12 responses to “TO MAKE A HAND

  1. Beautifully expressed. Thank you.

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  2. Beautiful and true John. We’ll get through this.

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  3. Really, really lovely poem John.

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  4. Louise Jackson

    Wonderful, John!

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  5. This one rates six on the scale of 1-5. Good to see you are back in the writing mode.

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  6. 👍

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  7. We no longer have cattle but we are in the most important part of the cycle to feed the world. As farmers we do the best we can to make feed for beef and milk for everyone.our work goes on every day! Most of the hands are Mexican American and Mexican visa holders. The United States are a conglomerate of people from all over the world! Think about that


    • Most folks couldn’t see beyond the convenience of the grocery store, but I think COVID-19 has taught us all where our food comes from. Farmers and ranchers are tied to the land and a way of life that brings them satisfaction, but often not enough to pay the bills. Unfortunately, most of the attention they get is negative. Perhaps that will change. Thanks, David.


  8. After reading this I’m still not sure what to take of it. A title of good hands meaning: workers and its corolation with “beef” it takes good hands , good management and the opportunity for everyone to make enough money to be profitable. And create a living for everyone involved: the oil man, the seed man, the tractor man, the automotive man, the selling man, the store man and still sold at a price to the public at a reasonable price! If the grower can’t sell it to cover his investment there is no reason to harvest. If the government wants to put money into feeding humanity help a farmer deliver a crop that will be discarded that can feed the hungry!


  9. 6 wt. steers = 95 cents a pound
    Rib Eye at Safeway $14.99 a pound
    4 packing outfits control 80% of beef packing the U.S.
    the largest is Brazilian


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