© Victor J. Blue for The New York Times


                      Son, they all must be crazy out there.
                           – Michael Burton (“Night Rider’s Lament”)

We get the news as black or white,
reckless words that conceal the truth
reduced to red and blue enamel.
No sage advice from Washington,
no common sense to right the Ship

of State, and no one at the tiller
to face the tempest’s hate—too busy
painting enemies to blame
while adding anger to the storm.
We get your craziness in colors

with the rising smoke and flames
on a planet waging war
in the cloud of a pandemic
neither understood nor cured—
a collage of clashing colors

without a brushstroke for compassion,
discipline or pride lucrative enough
for the media to cover
with an appetite for anarchy
where only self-righteous ride.



“Night Rider’s Lament”


5 responses to “APPETITE FOR ANARCHY

  1. Wonderful poem — great song. My favorite version:

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  2. And a coward tweets………


  3. So poignantly expressed, Duff, and so so fucking true. Chaos has always been my nightmare and now I wake up to it everyday.

    But the peaches are getting ripe, the almonds look like they’re ready to split their skins, and Dory and Rosie are laying eggs for my breakfast.

    Be well my friend,


    – – –

    Ken McDonald San Martin, CA 408-837-6035

    – – – – –

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